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Our Story

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado strives to ensure that all Colorado women and their families have access to the full range of reproductive health care services and information to make responsible decisions to prevent unintended pregnancy, bear healthy children, or access safe, legal abortion.

Throughout our history, we've supported choice for women and their families in Colorado. Choice includes not only abortion access, but also comprehensive sexual education, access to affordable birth control, and support if and when a woman decides to have a family.

The NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation supports and protects every woman's right to choose by carrying out education, community organizing, and research so that the public is aware of important reproductive health issues and resources.

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, Inc., is our statewide political arm, which works to build and expand a community of pro-choice voters while also interacting with elected officials and supporting pro-choice candidates.

The NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Small Donor Committee engages directly in endorsing and supporting Colorado's pro-choice candidates.

Pro Choice Coloradans

 1965 Colorado becomes the first state in the country to provide contraceptive information and services through its public health care system information. Colorado State Senator John Bermingham sponsors and passes Senate Bill 65-232, which authorizes the distribution of contraceptive devices and information through public health departments. 


Colorado becomes the first state in the country to decriminalize abortion. Colorado State Representative Richard "Dick" Lamm and Senator John Bermingham passed House Bill 67-1426 with bipartisan support, liberalizing Colorado's abortion law to allow women to seek abortion voluntarily.  The bill was signed by Governor John Love on April 25, 1967.

The Colorado Association for the Study of Abortion (CASA), the precursor to NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado as it is known today, was founded.  It became recognized by the IRS in September, 1967.


 NARAL forms at a conference in Chicago.

1981 NARAL looks to Colorado for expansion. The Colorado Association for the Study of Abortion merges with NARAL to become the Colorado NARAL Foundation.
1986 The Colorado NARAL Foundation helps the Boulder City Council to pass an ordinance providing a buffer zone between clinic picketers and patients. 
1993  Colorado NARAL wo0rks with state representatives to pass the "Bubble Bill Access Law," which prohibits a person from approaching within 8 feet of another person without her/her consent within 100 feet of a health care facility, or from knowingly impeding another person's entry or exit from a health care facility. 
2003  NARAL drops its long-form name (originally the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, the the National Abortion Rights Action League, then the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) to become NARAL Pro-Choice America. 
2006 NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado launches Prevention First Colorado, a birth control access project to determine the barriers faced by Colorado women in preventing unintended pregnancy. 
2008 NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, in coalition with Protect Families, Protect Choice, helps defeat Amendment 48, a personhood amendment. 
2010 NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, in a coalition partnership effort, helps defeat Amendment 62, another attempt to establish fetal personhood. 

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado works with COLOR, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and a coalition of progressive groups to pass HB13 1081 "Comprehensive Sexuality K-12 Education." Six other anti-choice bills were defeated.

HB13-1154 "Crimes Against Pregnant Women" is approved by the Colorado legislature and signed into law.

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado welcomes former State House Representative and former State School Board Member Karen Middleton as the new Executive Director. Karen brings her experience as an elected official, teacher, and mother, as well as her time spend as president of Emerge America, an organization dedicated to electing women to higher office.

2014  NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado works with Vote No 67 to defeat yet another attempt at establishing fetal personhood, through Amendment 67. 

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado works with pro-choice legislators to defeat 6 anti-choice bills, of which 5 were based on model legislation from the national anti-choice organization Americans United for Life.

The Republican-controlled Senate kills the bill authorizing general funds for the Colorado Family Planning Initiative despite the program's obvious and well-publicized successes.

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