We need YOU to become a NARAL Sex Ed Detective!

Did you know that there are 178 school districts in Colorado, each controlled by local school boards? AND did you know how many of these districts are offering comprehensive sex education? What about in your local districts?

Well, we don’t know either. That is why we need YOUR help!

While it isn’t possible with our current size to do a thorough endorsement process for all 178 school districts, we at NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado are proud to provide our members with the tools they need to make an informed decision on the ballot. And that’s where our Sex Ed Sleuths come in!

We need sleuths on the ground asking school board candidates these four questions:

  1. Does your school district currently offer comprehensive, evidence based sexual education to students? (Y/N) ____________
    If no, will you support adding comprehensive sex ed as defined in Colorado law?
    If yes, are you committed to protecting comprehensive sex education and maintaining it in your district’s curriculum?
  2. School nurses provide an invaluable service to many students, and in low-income communities they can even be the only healthcare provider students can afford, or the only person who can answer their questions. Do you believe that school nurses should be able to discuss issues regarding contraception, STI’s and STD’s, gender identity and general sexuality with students who request such information? Why or why not?
  3. Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which lie to women about their healthcare options and perpetuate dangerous myths around reproductive health, are incredibly prevalent in Colorado. In certain districts, especially in rural areas, we are seeing schools that are inviting Crisis Pregnancy Centers into their facilities to do sex ed programming that is designed to scare and to shame rather than to educate. Do you support private organizations, such as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, being invited into schools to provide their version of “sexual education” to students? Why or why not?
  4. Rates of sexual assault on college campuses are at an all-time high. Do you believe in the concept of “consent,” including consent to touch, being a valued part of sexual education at all age levels? Why or why not?


Anything interesting to report? Email us

Your ballot should be arriving this week, or even today! Mail it back by October 31st or vote in person starting October 20th. Get answers to all of your common voting questions at

*Just Vote! Colorado Election Protection is a non-partisan voter assistance project and is not affiliated with or promoting any party, candidate, or ballot issue. Just Vote is not affiliated with or responsible for the content of this piece.

Mail your ballot back as soon as you can! (Remember to use two stamps!) As soon as you turn in your ballot and your vote is counted, the phone calls and door knocks should stop.

Happy Sleuthing!

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