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Women's Freedom Fund

Announcing the Women's Freedom Fund!

The NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation has merged with The Freedom Fund, now known as the Women's Freedom Fund.


We are pleased to announce that the NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation has agreed to merge with The Freedom Fund. The process is taking place during 2017, with completion in late 2017. It will include the current leadership of The Freedom Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado.


The Executive Council of the Women's Freedom Fund includes original members of The Freedom Fund and members of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado - working together.


The Women's Freedom Fund is a separate program operated under the Foundation (C3).  100% of funds raised for The Freedom Fund goes directly to help women pay for abortion care.

This year, The Freedom Fund will continue to accept all requests for financial support for abortion care by emailing


If you would like to contribute to the Women's Freedom Fund, you may do that here. 

Our History

We announced our new name, "Women's Freedom Fund in May, 2017.


The NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation was established in 1967 as a 501c3 organization in Colorado.  Our mission is to support and protect, as a fundamental right and value, a woman’s freedom to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices through education, training, organizing, legal action, and public policy.

The Freedom Fund was established by the First Universalist Church of Denver in 1984 when Colorado voters ended Medicaid funding for abortions. In 2010 The Fund moved to the Mountain Desert District of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  For the past 33 years, The Freedom Fund has provided financial assistance to those who decide to have abortions. In recent years they have been able to help more and more women: 551 in 2014, 592 in 2015 and 685 in 2016.

Overall approach and philosophy

We are committed to maintain and grow the Women's Freedom Fund to serve women seeking abortion care.  Our partnership allows us to seek grants from foundations and broadens the base of potential support to serve more women.

We are committed to maintaining the existing processes and procedures while reviewing the structure and determining how to improve or enhance the Fund over time.  Future efforts may include: increased fundraising, increased amounts available to women, expanded sites for abortion care, support for other needs by the women served, and opportunities for women who are served by The Freedom Fund to learn about the Fund and opportunities to engage in protecting access to abortion care (should they wish to do so).  This is in line with the strategic direction of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF).

NARAL is committed to working with the existing leadership of The Freedom Fund, recognizing its beginnings, history, faith-based origin and intent in the Fund.

Our hope is to make this a lasting effort in Colorado that is developed to better meet the needs of women and families in a challenging political environment for abortion care in the United States.


We believe this is an integral step forward in our mission which includes expanding access to abortion care.

We are led by an Executive Council comprised of leadership of The (original) Freedom Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado.


If you would like to make sure no woman experiences a financial burden when it comes to abortion, you may contribute to the Women's Freedom Fund here.


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