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Young Feminists

Identifying as a feminist can be an intimidating concept. Misogyny, threats of violence and harassment can be reinforced by the very platforms we often use to speak out about these issues. With the help of the internet, activists now have access to a wealth of information and can connect bridges between feminist groups throughout the world easier than ever before.

In April, a group of 20 young women from various fields including government, cannabis and insurance as well as college students (among others) came together for a round table discussion with author and feminist icon Jessica Valenti. These young women are passionate about reproductive justice and feminist issues and were able to share their stories and connect with other powerful young women. The expanded group met again in June for a pro-choice happy hour and will continue to meet and expand at different events targeted towards the RAE demographic. 

The NARAL Young Feminists are from various fields including government, cannabis, college students and even insurance reps who believe in supporting other women through open and inclusive dialogue. Through happy hours, round table discussions and coming soon film screenings, we hope to connect hundreds of feminist women (and men) built around the knowledge that to be "pro-woman" you must be "pro-choice!"

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