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Anti-choice extremists are committed to restricting access to birth control.
Your gift will help us make sure women get the access they need.


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Birth Control

Birth Control is about equality for women. Using birth control allows women to decide when and whether to have a family. In fact, 98 percent of women use birth control at some point in their lives.


The Problem

Many anti-choice activists oppose birth control just as much as they oppose abortion.

  • They work to block women's access to birth control at pharmacies and hospitals.
  • They lie about birth control to perpetuate a myth that it causes an abortion. Birth control is not abortion.


Our Solution

There are many ways to make sure that women get the birth control they need. Better access means fewer unintended pregnancies.


Preventing Pregnancy: Birth Control Methods

As with any medication or device, it is best to consult with your health care provider about the safest and most effective method for you. The effectiveness of the birth control method you choose will vary greatly depending on if it is used correctly or not.

On the following pages are the various contraceptive methods currently available. Most of the prescription methods should be available from your health care provider.

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